The SurfaSol System
SurfaSol™ protective surface coating system was developed 1994 - 2001 under private sponsorship under the direction of the innovator Michael Seidow, presently in SAAB Automobile, Sweden. SurfaSol™ is a temporary overcoat. Special made and used in Carplants in Europe.
The SurfaSol™ is sprayed on surfaces inside the spray booths after a production period  the surfaces, even windows, are covered partly with over sprayed lacquer.
The contaminated surfaces are then easily cleaned with just warm water in combination with high pressure water and rotating brushes. Solvents are not required.
The SurfaSol™ products have saved environment outside factories from being polluted with thousands of tons of more or less toxic solvents. It has also saved workers from handling unpleasant and troublesome chemicals. 

Some of results are:
•    Better occupational environment
•    Better occupational health
•    Workers not having to use respiration masks
•    More satisfied workers able to work for longer time within the booths, resulting in need for a smaller staff
•    Workers staying for longer time in the company, implicating a better skilled staff
•    The companies allowed amount of solvents can be used for other more high-tech purposes without exceeding solvent limits
•    Immediate cost savings